• Trend: Sustainability

    Trend: Sustainability

    The term sustainability was coined as early as the 1700s, when Hans-Carl von Carlowitz, the mining administrator from Saxony, recorded the following in his book on the economy of forestry: “Take down...

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  • Trend: Urbanization / Convenience

    Trend: Urbanization / Convenience

    Mankind is mobile like never before, having access to an ever-increasing range of information and being consequently faced with more and more options, both private and professional. As a result,...

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  • Greiner Packaging @interpack

    interpack 2017: Greiner Packaging presents forward-looking technologies

    interpack is one of the most important international packaging events for the food, drink, confectionary, baked goods, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, non-food, and industrial goods industries. The...

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  • Health Care Center of Excellence

    With its wide range of technological expertise, Greiner Packaging serves many markets that must meet a wide range of demands. The health care sector, in particular, is subject to a large number of...

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About us

Greiner Packaging is one of Europe’s leading plastic packaging manufacturers in the Food and Non-Food sector. Its efficient network with locations in 19 different countries around the world makes it an active global player. This organization benefits both large international as well as domestic enterprises. True to its motto, “from concept to the finished product”, the plastic packaging manufacturer Greiner Packaging supports its customers throughout the entire product development process. The company is known for its great skill in providing development, design, production, and decoration solutions.

Application of a broad spectrum of technologies has helped it deliver its “unique packaging proposition” for an exceptionally wide range of products for more than 50 years. Greiner Packaging, the plastic packaging manufacturer, meets the challenges with its three divisions: K, Kavo, and Assistec.

Organigram divisions
Division K

Division K

The Greiner Packaging Division K creates unique packaging advantages in the form of plastic cups and lids. It is the largest of the three divisions and is the driving impulse for Greiner Packaging’s continued growth. The most recent example of this is the establishment of a production site in Pittston, Pennsylvania, USA, which will serve parts of the US and Canadian market. Greiner Packaging’s Division K is Europe’s leading supplier of dairy product packaging. 

Its diverse offering in the standard and premium range meets consumer needs as well as the demands of customers from the dairy industry and other food sectors.

division k
Division Kavo

Division Kavo

The Greiner Packaging Division Kavo creates unique packaging advantages in the form of plastic bottles and containers. Its specialization in customized product solutions allows it to serve the widest imaginable range of markets: foodstuff, healthcare, cosmetics, chemical industry, and custom solutions. It has a wide range of production and decoration technologies to draw on to meet these needs. The number of materials being processed is steadily increasing. PET, PE, and PP, are the most commonly used, but PA, PES  and TritanTM are also employed. This technological versatility is supported by a project management team over the entire course of the project. This gives customers a way to meet their growing need for turnkey packaging solutions from a single source.

Division Kavo
Division Assistec

Division Assistec

As a sourcing partner for businesses that use plastics, Division Assistec offers development, production, assembling, logistics, and service from a single source. It supplies markets in the areas of office and leisure, house and garden, health and skin care, automobile and utility vehicles, as well as packaging and logistics. 

Being firmly established in a strong corporate organization gives Division Assistec access to the entire production network and the full range of technologies of the plastic packaging manufacturer Greiner Packaging, allowing it to offer its customers a wide range of solutions.

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Greiner: A global family enterprise

Greiner Packaging, the plastic packaging manufacturer, is one of four branches of the Greiner Group, and as such, can draw on a stable structural and financial network. Greiner was founded in 1868 in Germany and in 1899 in Austria, and has been 100% family owned since its founding. Its continuous growth is based on a factor which makes the company stand out: diversification of products and markets. 

The Greiner Group operates more than 133 locations (production and distribution centers). It combines four operative branches (Greiner Packaging, Greiner Bio-One International, Greiner Foam International and Greiner Tool.Tec) under one roof.

Greiner Holding
We create the unique
packaging proposition


Greiner Packaging occupies the position of the parent company within the corporate organization, directly holding the production-based affiliates. This simple and transparent corporate structure creates a strong foundation for long-term success.

Trust. Continuity. Sustainability.
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Our Vision
Greiner Packaging is the most valuable brand
for packaging made of plastics and combinations.